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Develop a foundational level of strength. From here you can safely achieve advanced bodyweight skills through progressions I’ve acquired by coaching thousands of individuals from all walks of life- athlete and non athletes, young and old.

There are six individual apparatus in mens gymnastics and within just those six, there are thousands of skills and conditioning exercises that can be performed.

Over the past 6 years we have listened to viewers request and specifically put these 3 apparatus and handstand ebook together in one bundle to create a concise, cohesive bodyweight training series that maximizes your training time.  I have spent most of my adolescent and all of my adult life training in the formal gymnastics gym.  There is no need to, nor do you have the time to recreate every step the elite gymnast will need to achieve in order to be successful with your calisthenics and bodyweight training goals but you will need to have the fundamental structure and understanding of what exercise to master and how to train them.  This bundle is years of experience carefully organized so you can be both efficient with your training and your hard earned money.  By purchasing the bundle you will receive 4 training programs for the price of 3.

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These are just aa few of the videos found in this bundle. There are many other progressions and demonstrations. 










My programs are for anyone seeking a more vibrant lifestyle. The programs are for those who do not know where to begin and for those who believe they have achieved it all. Your movement ability is essential to your life, and a gateway to the physiological transformation of a new you.  The exercises and skills you choose to achieve are more than just individual goals they become your true teacher of patience, tenacity, introspection and appreciation for self and others.

Ring Series

The gymnastics still rings provide a complete upper body workout which far exceeds what any gym machine or free weights can offer. It engages stabilizers, strengthen tendons and ligaments, tones the core, and increases dynamic strength that benefit all calisthenic enthusiast to the elite level athletes .


The handstand is a foundational skill that will ungate many other skills. With a strong handstand you will not only be able to achieve other skills, but you will also take your strength and conditioning to the next level by developing fine motor control from performing handstand push-ups and other advanced inversion exercises.

Core Series

Find out why elite level gymnasts and athletics competitors are so lean and how a developed core leads to increased all-around performance.

Parallel Bars

Today most people will use the parallel bars primarily for dips. The most proficient use of the parallel bars can be seen in gymnastics training and in physical therapy. It is not necessary to know 100 different exercises to make good use of the bars but proper body alignment and progressive skill development is paramount for high level skill acquisition.


Whats included?

  1. A downloadable video playlist of the core, rings, and handstand series. You can take with you anywhere.  To the gym, park, work, or your home!  99% of the exercises can be done anywhere.  I have included a playlist of videos of in depth instructionals of performing an exercise, and also a playlist of strictly performing for easy follow along.
  2. A PDF ebook covering the entire series, with photos, video links to each section, and text covering the sections.
  3. Progressive teaching.  These methods are beginner friendly, however, the exercises will still serve for the more advanced athletes.  Performing these foundational exercises as conditioning can be done on many levels, and I will cover both beginners and advanced.
  4. THIS IS NOT A COOKIE CUTTER WORKOUT PROGRAM- Anyone telling you that you must follow a strict routine without knowing your fitness history, weight, age, health history and goals is tell you A LIE.  I will include example routines for different types of clients, and will provide a guideline on how to structure your routine depending on goals.
  5. FREE PHASE 1 ASSESEMENT- Thats right! Send your video performing the exercises in phase 1 and I will respond with feedback via email or even a video reply if needed.
    This is for a limited time and I may end it soon depending on my availability*
  • Rings

    Get on your way with learning ring basics and skills such as the front and back lever, muscle up.

  • Handstands

    The handstand series covers fundamentals needed to get you doing a free standing handstand.

  • Core

    Ripped and functional. Get the gymnastics core!

Start your handstand, core, rings and parallel bars training now!

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A safe, practical and efficient way for anyone to reach advanced bodyweight skills. Develop your physique and strength as a result of mastering bodyweight movement.


Millions of views across the internet.  Find out why my method works by joining today!

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