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Sam Tribble



Former elite level gymnast and now acrobatic performing artist. Sam Tribble has over 40 years of coaching experience and has been traveling internationally, performing, teaching calesthenics and certifying other professionals in his proven methodology for the art of Cyr.   


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The Sam Tribble Experience


About Sam Tribble

The dream is to have a balance of physical activity, inner peace and intellectual truth of your purpose.  By setting the right goals, acheivment perpetuates motivation. Your journey has begun and your living your dream.

After a successful personal collegiate gymnastics career I went on to produce numerous State, Regional champions including National competitive teams over a 16 year course, of operating my own gym.  In addition, I’ve helped pole vaulters gain upper body strength through body weight training, Miss fitness models peak their agility training, martial artist gain aerial awareness, Cheerleaders to learn multiple twisting somersaults and some one of the most rewarding clients, like the less than physically fit girl who learned to ride her bike by giving her essential fine and gross motor skill training.

She first struggled because even the activity itself lacked progressive motor development. Gymnastics style activity did what even the training wheels could not do.

Currently, countless body weight training enthusiast seek my advice for solid, practical guidance to motivate them and attain their goals.  Anyone who is interested in learning but skeptical of results should watch my numerous free tutorials on strength project youtube channel. Read the comments from people who have made tremendous gains just from absorbing our concise free material.  Then decide whose accumulative knowledge will allow you to make the progress you are seeking.  


The nightmare is being in a situation you struggle to escape. Some people are complacent in their looping cycle of mediocrity with less than stellar life style choices because it is a safe place to be.  It’s a safe place until the Dr. says “you have to change your habits”  then the nightmare begins.

Learning to master your body through calesthenics brings positive life changes one small exercise at a time.  The true unspoken gains come from realizing your journey has given you the wisdom to measure and acknowledge progress of the mind and body. Now you look forward to the next growth phase. The looping cycle you want to be in is an ever changing succession of growth.

Breaking Plateaus 

The biggest frustration arises when motivated individuals hit plateaus. The frustration comes when they have spent a substantial amount of time doing what they think will yield results. They are indeed working hard but are lacking crucial information.

Work hard and be smart. Seek guidance from somebody who has been there and understands the steps necessary to keep you safe, motivated and advancing on your journey. It is wise to choose information from someone who see’s beyond your current goals.  I’ve had the opportunity to guide many athletes along their individual path to similar goals.  The crucial part of coaching is seeing beyond the athletes personal goal and understanding their potential. The right current training circumstance for the goal at hand is largely determined by how rough the terrain of he athletic endeavor beyond what the athlete can percieve.

A coach needs to know far more then how to attain a skill based exercise.


Step by Step

Develop a foundational level of strength. From here you can safely achieve advanced bodyweight skills through progressions I’ve acquired by coaching thousands of individuals from all walks of life- athlete and non athletes, young and old.



A safe, practical and efficient way for anyone to reach advanced bodyweight skills. Develop your physique and strength as a result of mastering bodyweight movement.

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